Nine Advantages of a Coworking Space

The demand for coworking space and shared office space is on the rise as more businesses than ever look to this flexible way of working to reduce costs, expand into new markets and increase agility. What are the key benefits of coworking space compared to traditional workspaces?

A coworking space, also known as a shared office, is a workspace where businesses, entrepreneurs or freelancers can access all the facilities and perks of conventional office space, on a flexible short-term lease and without the hidden costs of renting a traditional office.

Coworking spaces are usually open-plan environments where tenants pay for the space they need via a membership fee, which gives them access to a mix of private and communal areas. This allows businesses to scale up or downsize as needed. Leases can be as short as one month, so tenants won’t be tied into a long-term commitment. 

A survey has shown that coworking can improve overall workplace satisfaction. 82% of respondents said that coworking had helped to expand their professional networks, while 83% reported feeling less lonely after joining a coworking space, and 89% said they were happier since joining a coworking space.

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