DeskSpace Launches Flexible Co-Working Spaces in Onchan

Local developer opens innovative office space for creative minds with improved co-working concept.

As the Manx economy recovers from a global pandemic, DeskSpace is launching a new co-working solution in Onchan, offering a creative environment with modern amenities for a post-Covid world of work.

With state-of-the-art streaming facilities, boardrooms designed with virtual meetings in mind and high-speed fibre optics, DeskSpace provides a whole new meaning for virtual communication.

Unlike rigid corporate offices, the xxxx square ft space, is able to combine the flexibility and laid-back feel of working from home with the vibrant buzz of productivity, by surrounding you with like-minded people and providing highly flexible contracts for private offices or more open and collaborative spaces. Networking on Island has never been so easy.

Located on 2nd avenue xxx address stuff, just outside the heart of Onchan and only a short walk from multiple shops and cafes, DeskSpace is in the perfect place for active transport (whether that be walking, cycling or skating); giving you the opportunity to support local businesses while saving our environment, all within your lunch break.

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